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Gully Grating B125 Grade Composite Materials 495X640mm

FRP Resin Composite Tench Covers Bangladesh

Dimension:495x640x50x75mm B125 Composite gully grating

guly grating
Gully grating has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient drainage, strong toughness, many specifications and low cost. With the development of science and technology, resin or plastic reinforcement and inorganic filler are used to form a new composite water grate. The advantage is that the self weight is lighter than cast iron water grate, and the cost is low.
Anti noise: the well cover and the base are closely combined to solve the problem of noise generated when the vehicle passes by.
Anti falling well: the well cover is designed as a reinforced skeleton structure with strong bearing capacity.
Antiskid: the antiskid lines on the cover are clear, increasing friction, preventing pedestrians from slipping due to rain, snow and ice.
Excellent material quality: the new BMC material is used to improve the density of the product, so that the product has strong compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, deformation resistance and other characteristics.
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